Trolley Review: Motocaddy S1 DHC

Trolley Review: Motocaddy S1 DHC
by Jeffrey Reed, Editor,

During the last decade, most of my golf has been played riding a cart. As a disabled golfer with debilitating back issues, carrying a bag, or even pushing or pulling a cart, would put an end to my golf year faster than a downhill putt at Augusta National. I’ve always played my best golf walking the course, before my disabilities caused acute challenges and ever since then whenever I’ve had the luxury of using a caddy.

This golf season, I’ve rededicated myself to fitness through golf – I’ve lost 20 pounds already this 2018 campaign, and have played some of the best golf of my life at age 57. And the biggest reason for this is my use of a Motocaddy S1 DHC lithium electric trolley with e-brake.

Distributed by Pickering, Ontario-headquartered JPSM Golf, the S1 DHC trolley has been the answer to my wish to walk the course and keep fit this summer. It’s listed as an “easy-to-use and great value entry-level trolley,” but don’t sell this trolley short: I’ve put many kilometres on it already this season, and have found it to be reliable and sturdy, well beyond its MSRP of $1,199.99.

In fact, easy to use is an understatement: right out of the box, after attaching the three wheels, and fully charging the included lithium battery, the S1 DHC trolley was ready to roll. The learning curve, too, was almost non-existent: it’s that easy to use.

The S1 DHC – standing for Down Hill Control – offers just that: a trolley featuring downhill control, and an electronic parking brake for the hilliest of courses. For the most part, my home course, the Stanley Thompson-designed Highland Country Club, can be defined as an easily-walked parkland course, but there are just enough elevation changes to fully test the downhill control and e-parking brake.

The S1 DHC also features a soft-touch ergonomic handle; low-profile, quick-release wheels; a streamlined battery tray; and the super-fast QUIKFOLD assembly mechanism. There are nine speed settings, a battery indicator and whisper-quiet motor, plus quality, adjustable bag supports. Here’s more on these features.

The S1 DHC QUIKFOLD assembly mechanism is a simple, two-step process: simply click a release button to lift the handle, unfold the upper frame, lift the main frame until the QUIKFOLD lock clicks into position, and unfold the upper bag support. It took just minutes to install the two larger back wheels and one smaller front wheel. It’s easy to adjust the front wheel alignment, too – I haven’t had to yet, and find that any of my alignment issues stem from the initial positioning of my golf bag onto the trolley. Perhaps balancing the weight of my golf bag pockets would help me in this department, but in this heat you need all of the water and energy drinks you can pack into a golf bag.

That said, JPSM Golf provides numerous trolley accessories, including an insulated Motocaddy Caddy Pack for food and beverage, plus a drink holder. Using the S-Series accessory holder, I’ve golfed in the rain in comfort, thanks to the umbrella holder. Simply slip in the handle of your umbrella, tighten it, and keep you and your clubs dry while walking the fairways.

The 12.8-volt lithium battery, complete with charging unit, requires between three to five hours to fully charge – when it is charged and ready for another round, a green light will display on the charging unit. I’ve walked a good distance and back to my club’ range, and walked 18 holes, and afterwards just need a few hours to fully charge the battery. When installing the battery, simply place it in the battery tray of the trolley, and connect the power cable. When it’s time to disconnect the battery after your round, there’s no need to do anything other than disconnect the power cable. It’s that easy.

Operating the S1 DHC trolley is extremely easy. Simply turn the control knob on the handle in a clockwise position for required walking speed of 1 to 9 (5 is my comfortable speed, 2 or 3 downhill, 7 uphill), turn counter clockwise to decrease the speed, and press to stop the unit. When you turn the knob counter clockwise past 1, the P for park will display. To re-start the trolley and walk to your next shot, simply press to resume. Better yet, you can rotate clockwise for your desired speed, and then press to resume at that speed – you’ll get into this habit quickly.

Using P, or park, will lock the brakes on the S1 DHC – a big feature of this trolley, and I think an important one, no matter what course you are playing. It makes sense to be able to leave your trolley unattended while addressing the ball.

The downhill speed control works like a charm, too – the chosen speed is the only speed the trolley will travel. There’s no need to worry about a runaway trolley.

I mentioned the sturdiness of this unit. I’ve golfed close to 40 rounds with the S1 DHC and there is plenty of tread remaining on the front and back wheels, although I can see the wheels needing replacement long before this trolley does. That’s only natural, given the fact this unit is a real workhorse. The front wheel features an anti-clogging housing – this is important, given it’s the leading edge of this unit. With a 230-watt motor attached, it weighs just 9.6 kg thanks to clever use of aluminum and a compact (when folded) frame that unfolds to 850 mm x 595 mm x 355 mm – about the size of an average-sized, quality pull/push trolley.

Quick note regarding lack of remote: I did consider purchasing a remote unit, but honestly, the S1 DHC does most of the work for me already. More times than not I set the speed and watch it roll in front of me down the fairway with very little guidance required. And with the e-brake feature, and simple start/stop function, it’s just as easy to operate as a remote unit, in my books.

Without a doubt, investing in your health is the most important investment you can make in your lifetime. Fitness is much more important than expensive golf equipment and costly golf lessons. That said, if you’re looking for a reasonably-priced, top-quality battery-powered trolley, then the S1 DHC from Motocaddy is an excellent choice. It’s extremely easy to use, a reliable partner on the links and a wise investment for good health.

For more information on the Motocaddy S1 DHC and JPSM Golf, visit

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