Review: Swing Caddie Portable Launch Monitor

Voice Caddie’s SC200 Swing Caddie Portable Launch Monitor
by Jeffrey Reed, Editor,

Whenever an amateur golfer can utilize a tool which assists touring pros, that’s a good thing. And when that product is portable, inexpensive and, best of all, a valuable learning tool, that’s a great thing.

Golf industry manufacturers do a great job in exposing amateur golfers to consumer-end high-tech tools. One of the best in that category is Voice Caddie’s SC200 Swing Caddie portable launch monitor.

Voice Caddie is perhaps best known for its pocket-size GPS – about the size of a poker chip. I don’t like to gamble with my yardage readings, so I always golf with the VC300 SE Voice Golf GPS from Voice Caddie – read that review here.

This season, I’ve put the SC200 Swing Caddie portable launch monitor to use during my lengthy range sessions, and it has paid off in spades. It’s an affordable ($500 at select local retailers and pro shops) and reliable tool with more functions than a Swiss Army knife. And it will most definitely keep your game sharp, thanks to valuable feedback on your swing.

Measuring just 5.89 in. x 3.2 in. x 1.08 in. and weighing just 7.3 oz., the SC200 Swing Caddie boasts a crystal-clear 4-in. LCD screen and uses a Doppler radar sensor. It requires four AAA batteries, which, under heavy use, will last about 20 hours.

The measuring range for the SC200 Swing Caddie is 30 yards to 320 yards, allowing full use from greenside chips to long drives. We Canadians appreciate its operating temperature: -10° C to 50° C – that just about sums up the golf season here in Southwestern Ontario, although at -10° C the only apparatus in my golf bag measuring the size of the SC200 Swing Caddie in a whiskey flask.

Seriously, there’s a reason why PGA of Canada teaching professionals use launch monitors in training. Data is a crucial tool for golfers who want to accurately identify their weaknesses, strategize practice time and see measurable improvements in their game. With the SC200 Swing Caddie, golfers of all levels have access to professional-grade technology without the hefty price tag or clunky equipment.

The SC200 Swing Caddie portable launch monitor provides instant feedback on every swing. This includes data such as smash factor, swing speed, ball speed, carry distance, time played and total shot count. Features include distance voice output, providing an immediate voice reading for carry distance; a remote control, enabling golfers to switch between settings with ease; barometric pressure calibration for the most accurate of readings; Doppler radar technology to ensure pinpoint accuracy; plus three different practice modes to accommodate for a range of training goals.

I really appreciate the voice distance output feature, which automatically tells me my distances after each shot, allowing me to reset quicker between shots. I don’t practice during late summer and fall as frequently as I do during the spring, so any time I beat balls at the range is valuable time.

Practice mode displays shot distance, swing speed, ball speed and smash factor, as well as time played and total shot count. Simply select your club, set the SC200 unit behind your ball and you’re ready to roll. Swing Caddie automatically registers your shot and displays the information until your next shot.

Target mode lets you set a target distance to test your consistency. Approach mode sets random distances to challenge your accuracy.

Swing Caddie will store your stats for each club, allowing you to review your session stats as well as overall shots from the last 100 swings.

In addition, Swing Caddie allows you to adjust the loft angle for each club, in order to dial in the most accurate readings possible.

Let’s face it: since the introductions of the wrench, weights, adjustable clubs and interchangeable shafts, we golfers can’t do without our gadgets. The SC200 Swing Caddie portable launch monitor from Voice Caddie just may be the ultimate golf gadget. It’s fun to use, a great learning tool and, best of all, can help you improve your game.

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