Eyewear Review: PeakVision Sunglasses

Eyewear Review: PeakVision Sunglasses
by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, LondonOntarioGolf.com

There’s a common belief amongst discerning golfers that the golf swing begins with a solid foundation: proper footwear and a proper stance. You can even throw into that equation the latest socks with built-in arch supports, as well as new cleats.

But there’s an equally important element to the golf swing that too often is ignored: eyewear for the golf course. And in the case of PeakVision Sunglasses, this means eyewear that is not only high-tech, protective and crystal clear, but also aesthetically pleasing to the point you’ll love wearing these eyewear pieces anywhere off the links with any apparel, casual or formal.

Before the 2018 golf season here in Southwestern Ontario – for you Americans, that’s half-way between Detroit and Toronto – I underwent two minor eye surgeries. I suppose you could argue that no eye surgery is a minor procedure. You could definitely argue that my regular foursome would question my eyesight at the best of times. It’s all in good fun. But I take my golf eyewear seriously, with UV rays threatening at every angle and with a low single-digit handicap to protect.

This season, I switched to PeakVision Sunglasses after researching a handful of brands while seeking Official Eyewear of our golf publication, LondonOntarioGolf.com. We don’t align with brands we don’t believe in, and I certainly don’t wear inadequate eyewear, on or off the course.

The piece I wore most often this season – and it’s not over yet here in London, Ontario – is the PeakVision GX5, one of PeakVision’s most popular styles. The half-rimmed GX5 frame is produced from super-lightweight and durable Grilamid TR90 material that provides high flexural and fatigue strength for long-term performance. GX5 features fully-adjustable, hypoallergenic Megol nose pads for stability & comfort. What does this mean? I love the snug fit, and their durability – who hasn’t dropped their sunglasses when they’ve taken off their golf hat and forgotten that their sunglasses were wrapped around the hat? Guilty as charged.

Impact-resistant safe, and listed as 100% UV400 protection, the GX5 eyewear features generously-sized lens coverage, equipped with PeakVision’s proprietary Zero-Distortion optics featuring patented Dual-Zone lens technology, to deliver the clearest, sharpest vision in both lighting extremes: the bright sky versus the darker turf, and terrain below the horizon.

GX5 in white

In fact, PeakVision’s Dual Zone lens technology is what best defines PeakVision Sunglasses. It’s a standard feature at PeakVision, and the most important reason I chose to act as a PeakVision ambassador. Dual Zone hybrid lenses are made up of a 20% neutral-grey Upper Zone that manages oncoming glare, while the Lower Zone is comprised of a 60% amber which increases contrast and allows an impeccable read. This lens was created to end optical distortion in sports. Mission accomplished. I’ve never worn eyewear that has allowed me such a clear view from tee to green.

PeakVision Sunglasses CEO and owner David Feaser said he enjoys educating people about the science of lens in sunglasses. An eyewear industry veteran of more than 30 years, Feaser said that one of the biggest misconceptions regarding lenses for golfers is that a polarized lense is the way to go.

“Not true,” Feaser said. “Polarized lenses flatten and tend to lower depth perception of the objects that you are seeing. Golfers should not wear polarized lenses.” While PeakVision has polarized lenses amongst their collection, Feaser recommends that these lenses be used in a high-glare situation such as being on the water or on the slopes, but not on the golf course. He recommends a non-polarized lens from their collection for golfers. PeakVision’s non-polarized lens promises to provide extreme clarity/zero distortion, three times the visual information for your eye and heightens depth perception.

The Golf Channel’s Damon Hack (left) with PeakVision’s David Feaser.

According to Feaser, the extreme difference with PeakVision Sunglasses is that the proprietary lens material, which equates to a distortion-free lens with extreme clarity, has the same clarity as crown glass which has a -52 abbi rating for clarity. What does this mean? The higher the number on a negative scale, the better the clarity. Normal polycarbonate lenses are typically in the -14 to -20 area of clarity. PeakVision lenses provide two to four times the clarity on that index. In fact, according to PeakVision, “This is the first time in the history of sunglasses technology that the lenses deliver extreme clarity and zero distortion for a much more defined vision on the golf course.”

According to Feaser, “The technology behind PeakVision lenses are so unique, because the PeakVision lenses are patented and the technology of PeakVision lenses leap-frogs current technology of today. Typical sunglasses distort and distract from what you are actually seeing on the course while PeakVision Dual-Zone patented lens actually enhance your vision providing three times the visual information for your eyes.”

The real proof is in the pudding – rather, on the golf course. The 2018 golf season was an extremely hot, dry season. I’m on the golf course six days a week, and PeakVision’s GX5 eyewear were just as important to my game as were my custom-fit clubs. That’s no bull. You don’t mess around with your vision.

There are other important features of PeakVision lenses: a Super-Hydrophobic liquid repellent coating that beads water off the lense, and an Oleophobic smudge-resistant coating designed to reduce smudges – namely, fingerprints. Not only am I famous for dropping my eyewear, but like all of us I hate it when my eyewear gets smudged. With PeakVision’s aforementioned technology, a quick wipe with a scratch-resisting cloth is typically all that is needed to keep these sunglasses clean. I also find that even on the hottest day when beads of sweat drip onto your lenses, PeakVision’s eyewear dried quickly and easily – no more packing extra pairs of sunglasses in the bag.

GX5 in royal navy blue

The golf wrap-around GX5 now offers golfers three colours: black, white and the new royal navy blue.

“The royal navy blue GX5 makes a fashion statement for those looking for an alternative to our black or white colouring,” said Feaser. “It’s very classy and the lenses make for an impeccable read of the green.

“The GX5s are the flagship sunglasses of PeakVision for a reason,” Feaser added. “The GX5s offer a full wrap-around design with ultimate protection from UV rays while giving you three times the visual information than your naked eye. These sunglasses were built for golf and you will not take them off while you are putting. Golfers benefit from the extreme clarity of the lens by seeing the contours on the greens better as well as the increased depth perception the lenses provide, enabling better shot making.”

My PeakVision sunglasses have never made a putt for me, but they certainly have made reading a putt a whole lot easier.
PeakVision has recently launched its Custom-Fitting Experience for charity tournaments, in which each participant is fitted for a pair of PeakVision sunglasses and have the opportunity at registration to pick the style of their choice from a variety of styles.

GX5 in black

Glasses that normally retail for $130 US per pair are discounted beyond wholesale, at $50 US per pair to the charity. Custom logoed cases with the charity’s logo can be made for $6 US per case which add to personalization of the gift item.

PeakVision offers several of their most popular styles to fit each golfer at charity golf tournaments including the GX5; the AV1, a medium-size aviator with an excellent fit; the DG1, a medium-sized Wayfarer that is extremely light-weight and is constructed with a nylon titanium composite; and the EOS, a modern, round European style that offer a very classy look.

“We enjoy helping charities raise more money for important causes by providing these premium gift items for each participant,” Feaser said. “And each golfer enjoys receiving the useful gift, are excited about picking out their favorite style, and rave about the clarity of the lenses and the impeccable reads they get on the greens!”

PeakVision has worked with not-for-profit organizations including the Ann Liguori Foundation, KIDS For Kids, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation, just to name a few.

Want another PeakVision testimonial? Here’s one from Hockey Hall of Fame goaltender Grant Fuhr, who didn’t mess around with his vision as a five-time Stanley Cup champion with the Edmonton Oilers, and doesn’t do it on the links, either, as a competitive golfer.

Grant and his wife, Lisa, VP Executive, Grant Fuhr Marketing, offered this quip: “We love our PeakVision sunglasses. We live in the Desert area, and with intense sunshine almost every day it’s extremely important to wear sunglasses when outdoors. We had yet to find a pair of sunglasses we could wear while playing golf that didn’t distort our ball strike – until we received our pairs of PeakVisions. Not only are they perfect out on the golf course, they’re stylish as well!”

With all of this information to peruse and digest, there’s really only one way to judge for yourself: give PeakVision Sunglasses a test run. I’m glad I did, because they made a difference in my game, and despite what my foursome says, they made me look cool at the 19th hole.

Quite simply, the manufacturing and durability, style, comfort and performance rank at the top of the list amongst any eyewear I’ve worn, on or off the golf course.

Judge for yourself. Get more information on PeakVision Sunglasses at PeakVision.com.

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