Accessory Review: Voice Caddie VC300SE Voice GPS

Accessory Review: Voice Caddie VC300SE Voice GPS
by Jeffrey Reed, Editor,

With speed of play always an issue on the links, there’s no excuse not to use some sort of measuring device, whether it’s a laser rangefinder, a GPS device or even old-fashioned eyeballing of sprinkler cap yardage markers. Of course, the latter is not only old school, but also much less convenient than using today’s high-tech gadgets.

A few years ago, I put a Voice Caddie voice GPS unit into play. Its size – or lack of it – made it easy for me to put the unit in my pocket (you can clip it to your belt or hat, too) and simply click the corner for an accurate yardage reading.

This season, I’ve upgraded to the Voice Caddie VC300SE Voice GPS. Right out of the box, it produced in spades. Here’s the skinny on this voice GPS – and it is small, proving that good things do come in small packages.

At first glance, this unit appears to be nothing more than a large guitar pic. But don’t let aesthetics fool you. In fact, the VC300SE is a great little companion on the golf course that always gives me accurate readings. I’ll sometimes ask a playing partner for his rangefinder reading, and we’re almost always reading the same yardage, give or take a yard.

Measuring just 45 mm x 45 mm x 12 mm, and weighing just 24 g, the VC300SE takes up little space in my pocket and doesn’t feel bulky in a pocket already carrying tees, ball marker or divot repair tool. Charge the unit with the included USB cable, either into your computer or tablet, or into an AC outlet with included adapter – a full charge takes two hours, but it takes much less after having been used for just 18 holes. Battery life is listed at approximately nine hours. When a red light is on, the unit is charging; green means fully charged.

The VC300SE already had my home course, Highland Country Club, downloaded into its memory. There’s a 30,000 course limit for this unit – impressive. And there’s no extra fee to download additional courses or update your firmware with the VC manager, available at the Voice Caddie website,

The usage buttons on this unit are extremely user friendly. Hold the power button on the back of the unit to power up. The main button sits in one of the three corners of this unit. Click it once for distance to the centre of the green – a voice will tell you the hole number, then yardage. Double click and get distance to the front and back of the green. You can choose yards or metres with the +/- buttons on the side of the VC300SE. With VC manager, you can also choose your language, including English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish or German.

The VC300SE also offers individual shot distance reading. Simply press and hold the main button for two seconds at the starting point to begin the measurement. Hold it again when you walk up to or ride up to your ball for the next shot, and you’ll get your reading. It’s a cool addition, although I don’t use this feature on a regular basis. This unit also allows you to change holes manually.

If you’re worried about the voice part of the Voice Caddie GPS bothering your playing partner, don’t: it’s loud enough for you to hear, but unless your partner is stepping on your toes, he or she won’t hear it. I simply retrieve it from my pocket and place it to my ear for yardage reading.

Available in black or white, and with a very affordable MSRP of $129.99 US, the VC300SE carries a one-year warranty (six months for battery and other components).

Just as golfers either prefer a blade or mallet putter, they also are partial to using either a GPS or laser rangefinder. I simply like the convenience of the VC300SE. And more importantly, it always gives me pin-point accuracy from tee to green. My voice GPS was good to go right out of the box, too.

For more information on the Voice Caddie VC300SE Voice GPS, visit

And for the record, the voice used with this golf GPS isn’t nearly as loud nor robotic as the GPS in my car – not even close. Indeed, that would be enough to send me to the 19th hole well before my round was completed.

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