Swing Caddie SC300 Offers Apex, Launch Angle Data

Introducing the SC300 Swing Caddie: Now with Apex and Launch Angle Data

The SC200 Swing Caddie portable launch monitor fast became a bestselling training aid, providing affordable access to swing data for golfers of all levels.

Now, Voice Caddie proudly announces the newest generation: the SC300.

With the SC300, golfers can evaluate their swing in more ways than ever. With upgraded features, users can expect to:

•Better understand the shape of ball flight and improve course management, thanks to the device’s new Apex reading.
•Combine all-new launch angle stats with the traditional swing speed, smash factor, and ball speed readings for greater insight into the trajectory of each shot.

The SC300 portable launch monitor comes in a sleek and durable new design, still as compact and lightweight as ever. Just as with the SC200, this brand new model is easy to use everywhere—on the golf course, at the driving range, in the garage, even on vacations and business trips.]

Fans of the previous generation can expect the same Tour-grade accuracy they’re used to. All the classic features remain, including:

•Doppler Radar Technology and Barometric Pressure Calibration for readings as accurate as the industry standard launch monitors
•Distance Voice Output
•Immediate readings for swing speed, smash factor, ball speed, and carry distance, PLUS all-new readings for launch angle and apex
•Practice Mode, Target Mode, and Approach Mode options for customizing practice
•Adjustable club options and loft angles
•Convenient remote control so users can set the SC300 on the ground and continue drills without bending down to change settings

The SC300 Swing Caddie comes with access to the Swing Caddie app (available for iOS now and for Android in June 2019). The app collects shot data for each club, offering more specific insight into how the user plays each club, patterns that arise, and where the user is successfully improving over time. The SC300 also stores data for the last 100 shots, providing an honest and comprehensive view of the user’s statistical averages.

Information is power, and if the success of the SC200 Swing Caddie tells us anything, it’s that modern golfers know what a little statistical insight can mean for their golf game. Now, with the upgraded SC300, players have affordable access to more data than ever.

For sales or purchase inquiries, contact sales@voicecaddie.com.

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