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TPT Golf Raises the Bar in Golf Shafts | $499 US per shaft

While golf equipment and custom club fitting have advanced tremendously in the past decade, an area that hasn’t evolved as quickly has been golf shafts – particularly for amateur golfers. The highest quality shafts are geared toward PGA Tour players, which means that if you’re not swinging as hard as the pros you’re probably not getting the best performing products.

TPT Golf is a company that set out to change that. The upstart, Switzerland-based golf shaft manufacturer has created a new kind of golf shaft that offers a higher level of performance for every type of golfer – from recreational players to the world’s best.

While TPT Golf is a newcomer in the golf world, its parent company,  North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT), has a long track record of innovation in the composites world. NTPT is a technology and composites firm known for developing cutting-edge materials that challenge the known boundaries of weight, strength and performance.

$49.99 US Annual Fee |  Start Your Free 30 Day Trial Today

With the addition of its breakthrough Putt Breaks feature,  GolfLogix is now the most complete game improvement app around. It provides amateur golfers with intelligent 3D green maps, accurate GPS distances, in-round pro-level stat and club tracking, and more! From tee to green,  GolfLogix provides golfers with the information they need to reduce strokes and Play Smarter.

Offering over 35,000 interactive 3D course maps, virtually every golf course in the world is mapped to give users the exact distance to any point on the fairway or green, as well as every hazard and layup spot. With the information for thousands of courses right in their pocket,  GolfLogix users can play every course like it’s their home course.

Miura Golf Tour Wedge | $280 US per wedge

The Tour Wedge is the first Miura design to use CNC milling for the club face and grooves. Combining this technology with Miura’s classic forged steel construction creates a feel at impact that can’t be beat. Made of premium (S25C) carbon steel, the Tour Wedge is designed for mid- to low-handicap players who want solid feel with versatility.

MC-501  | $260 US per club

As the longest heel-to-toe blade model ever produced by Miura, the MC-501 is suited for blade and cavityback players who want to improve shot forgiveness on off-center strikes. Engineers repositioned 20 grams toward the sole, thus increasing its width and strategically redistributing the clubhead’s center of gravity to help shots get airborne with more ease. The MC-501 also incorporates Yoshitaka Miura’s iconic Y-grind sole that blunts and softens the clubhead’s leading edge, to improve turf interaction. Each clubhead is precision-forged from premium S25C soft carbon steel and then finished in a luxurious copper nickel satin for an inviting look that inspires avid golfers.

IC-601 | $280 US per club

Recommended for mid- to high-handicap golfers, the IC-601’s face is made of 455 Carpenter Steel as found in the ICL and Genesis PP-9005. Carpenter Steel is used in aerospace applications because it offers a unique combination of high strength, light weight and durability. This enabled Miura to produce an iron with a high Coefficient of Restitution (COR). It also allows more weight to be moved farther back in the club head. This strategic placement of weight allows players to launch the ball higher with increased ball speeds.

aboutGolf – The World’s Best Golf Simulators
aboutGolf Simulation

Sims from *$40K – $100k US

With over 25 years in the golf simulation business,  aboutGolf is committed to providing an unparalleled experience for our customers. Making the best golf simulator in the world is only the beginning. Our team of highly skilled professionals with a wealth of industry experience support our customers from the design process through using your simulator on a daily basis. Our customer service team is available to answer questions and upgrade your system to ensure that you are having the best aboutGolf experience possible.

We are passionate  about golf, particularly indoor golf. It is our intention to continue to invest in that experience, making indoors rival the outdoor game in every way possible. With a strong commitment to research and development, we continue to invest in new technologies, add new games and courses, and develop our software. New and existing customers can be assured that their simulator will always remain exciting and unique.

As an official partner of the PGA TOUR and the Golf Channel,  aboutGolf understands world-class brands, technology and performance. Our deep roots as the world’s number one all-time distributor of computer golf simulation software, have given way to revolutionary technology. Characterized by an insatiable desire to push the envelope, we continue to challenge convention and think beyond today for all of our customers.

*Pricing for aboutGolf sims range from the mid $40K – $100k range depending on the customization and added features

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