Golf Ontario Announces New Volunteer Engagement Framework

Uxbridge, ON — Golf Ontario has a purpose, and that is to shape lives by leading, creating, and promoting positive golf experiences. And in many ways, it is the over 200 volunteers of Golf Ontario that bring this purpose to life. Our volunteers are ambassadors for the sport of golf and are an integral part of our team offering quality programming to both golfers and our partners. Without volunteers, we at Golf Ontario would not be able to have the impact that we do, as they are the keystone that holds this bridge together.

Volunteer involvement contributes to, and extends the capacity of Golf Ontario to meet our vision, all the while holding the organization’s values as we Shape Lives Through Golf.

With this in mind, Golf Ontario has built a new volunteer engagement framework, and within that have created these seven principles to continue our great work together, and to ensure that volunteer involvement is rewarding.

1. Commitment to Volunteer Engagement with our Volunteers
Golf Ontario understands the importance and value of our volunteers and is committed to ensuring strong involvement and engagement with our volunteers. The commitment is set out through vision, planning, and resourcing that supports Golf Ontario’s strategic direction.

2. Leadership and Management
Golf Ontario leads and promotes a positive culture towards volunteering and implements effective management systems to support volunteer involvement.

3. Volunteer Rules
Golf Ontario engages volunteers in meaningful ways that contribute to Golf Ontario’s goals and objectives.

4. Recruitment and Selection
Golf Ontario volunteer recruitment and selection strategies are planned, consistent, and meet the needs of volunteers and the organization.

5. Support and Development
Golf Ontario volunteers will understand heir role and gain the necessary knowledge, skills and feedback needed to effectively carry out their roles.

6. Recognition
Golf Ontario understands, appreciates and acknowledges the contribution, value and impact that our volunteers have.

7. Quality Management and Continuous Improvement
Lastly, Golf Ontario understands that effective volunteer involvement results from a system of good practice, review and continuous improvement.

“Golf in Ontario is blessed with so many wonderful volunteers who serve golf with a tremendous passion and dedication for the sport,” said Golf Ontario Executive Director, Mike Kelly. “This new engagement framework is a statement of commitment to ensuring a best in class environment and experience for our volunteers today, and for many years to come.”

“At Golf Ontario we believe our purpose is to positively shape lives through golf,” said Board of Directors President, Howard Atkinson. “In order to do this, we rely heavily on over 250 volunteers who annually help us deliver on this promise through volunteering at over 120 qualifiers, tournaments and events for girls, boys, women, men and golfers with disabilities from across Ontario. As Mr. Kelly said, our new engagement framework is our long term commitment to all of our volunteers who dedicate so much time and energy to the game of golf in Ontario.”

At Golf Ontario, we would be unable to deliver the quantity and quality of programs that we provide without our many volunteers throughout the province.

Thanks to all of you for your devotion, commitment, and dedication in support of golfers across Ontario. We look forward to what the future holds in store. More information will be available at

About Golf Ontario

Golf Ontario is Ontario’s Provincial Sport Organization and is focused on enhancing participation, elevating performance and supporting the passion of golfers in Ontario. With over 100,000 individual members and 450 member clubs, Golf Ontario is one of the largest golf associations in the world.  From rating courses and keeping the rules of the game intact, to growing the game at the grassroots level and hosting the best amateur tournaments in Canada, Golf Ontario is a passionate group dedicated to shaping lives through Golf.

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