PGA Tour Latinoamerica Win Cozumel Cup

PGATOUR Latinoamerica holds on to win Go Vacaciones Cozumel Cup presented by ASSIST CARD 

Story & Photo: Mackenzie Tour

Cozumel, Mexico – Despite a valiant Mackenzie Tour – PGATOUR Canada charge, the PGATOUR Latinoamerica held onto their lead and won the Go Vacaciones Cozumel Cup presented by Assist Card by a mark of 11.5-8.5 on Saturday at Cozumel Country Club.

With the Mackenzie Tour picked up points in the first four matches of the day thanks to the efforts of Michael Gellerman, Sam Fidone, Mark Anguiano and Zach Wright, the next five points on the leaderboard went to the blue team, with Tyson Alexander’s victory on the 18th green securing the 10th point, and with Ian Holt already dormie, secured the Cup.

“We played good golf, nobody got more than one or two up and we were making birdies and pars, it was fun,” said Alexander, who made a five-foot par putt to win the match on the closing hole. “My (teammates) came out at the end to watch, and it happened to go my way.”

Not a single player on the Latinoamerica team lost all three of their matches, and the team effort turned out to be essential in winning the cup back after the Mackenzie Tour took it from them in 2016.

Meanwhile, on the Mackenzie Tour side of things, Playing Captain Sam Fidone was happy with how hard everybody played on the final day.

“Nobody ever likes losing,” said Fidone. “But those 10 guys over there played awesome all week, and I’m proud of our guys too for putting up a huge fight today and this whole week.”

Fidone was one of the strongest players on the Mackenzie Tour side, like Alexander, winning all three of his matches.

“Just having the opportunity to play in this event was a huge honour,” added Fidone, the 6th ranked player on the Mackenzie Tour this season. “Cozumel is beautiful, and I don’t think you’ll see any of us pouting about this when we get back to Secrets.”

Harry Higgs, the PGATOUR Latinoamerica’s Playing Captain, matched Fidone’s 3-0 record.

“They’re brothers of mine,” said Higgs. “We’ve been together and been on the same flights and see each other at the golf courses sun up to sun down all year, so it means a lot to win a team competition after the years we all have had.

“I will never forget this week with these nine knuckleheads.”

Saturday Singles matches:

Match 11 Michael Gellerman (Mackenzie Tour) defeated Austin Smotherman (PGA TOUR Latinoamerica) 2&1

Match 12 Sam Fidone (Mackenzie Tour) defeated Nicolas Echavarria (PGA TOUR Latinoamérica) 3&2

Match 13 Mark Anguiano (Mackenzie Tour) defeated Ben Polland (PGA TOUR Latinoamérica) 4&3

Match 14 Zach Wright (Mackenzie Tour) defeated Eric Steger (PGA TOUR Latinoamérica) 2&1

Match 15 Harry Higgs (PGA TOUR Latinoamérica) defeated Danny Walker (Mackenzie Tour) 5&4

Match 16 Horacio Leon (PGA TOUR Latinoamérica) defeated Blake Olson (Mackenzie Tour) 5&4

Match 17 Tyson Alexander (PGA TOUR Latinoamérica) defeated Corey Pereira (Mackenzie Tour) 1 Up

Match 18 Matt Gilchrest (PGA TOUR Latinoamérica)) defeated Ben Griffin (Mackenzie Tour) 3&2

Match 19 Michael Buttacavoli (PGA TOUR Latinoamérica)) defeated Ian Holt (Mackenzie Tour) 2&1

Match 20 Marcelo Rozo (PGA TOUR Latinoamérica) halved vs. George Cunningham (Mackenzie Tour)

Miscellaneous notes:
•Weather: 28 degrees Celsius, winds at 22 km/h
•The Mackenzie Tour won the Aruba Cup in 2017, while the PGATOUR Latinoamerica          claimed the trophy in 2016.
•Secrets Aura is serving as the host hotel for the Go Vacaciones Cozumel Cup.

Mackenzie Tour – PGA TOUR Canada

George Cunningham 2-0-1
Zach Wright 2-1-0
Corey Pereira 0-3-0
Michael Gellerman 3-0-0
Sam Fidone 3-0-0
Danny Walker 0-3-0
Ben Griffin 0-3-0
Ian Holt 0-3-0
Mark Anguiano 1-2-0
Blake Olson 1-2-0

PGA TOUR Latinoamérica

Harry Higgs 3-0-0
Nicolas Echavarria 1-2-0
Michael Buttacavoli 2-1-0
Austin Smotherman 1-2-0
Marcelo Rozo 1-1-1
Ben Polland 2-1-0
Tyson Alexander 2-1-0
Matt Gilchrest 2-1-0
Eric Steger 1-2-0
Horacio Leon 2-1-0

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