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Review: Stability Shaft

                Shaft Review Breakthrough Golf Technology’s Stability Putter Shaft by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, No other golf tournament exposes strengths and weaknesses with the putter more than the Masters Tournament. In fact, it’s a good bet that amateur golfers put the elimination of three-putts near or at the […]

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Apparel Review: Galvin Green Interface-1 Hybrid Jacket

                      by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, When a golf-industry business labels itself as family-owned, it automatically puts more pressure on its operations to produce quality goods, and that’s exactly what Galvin Green has done with one of its latest offerings: the Interface-1 Hybrid jacket. Established […]

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Eyewear Review: PeakVision Sunglasses

Eyewear Review: PeakVision Sunglasses by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, There’s a common belief amongst discerning golfers that the golf swing begins with a solid foundation: proper footwear and a proper stance. You can even throw into that equation the latest socks with built-in arch supports, as well as new cleats. But there’s an equally important […]

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