Reed On The Greens

Golf Faces Its Biggest Challenge

                  Reed On The Greens March 26, 2020 Golf Facing Its Biggest Challenge by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, The biggest detriment to growing the game of golf has forever been economics, and most recently the time factor. But today, golf faces its biggest challenge: surviving the coronavirus […]

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Reed On The Greens: Golf And COVID-19

                Reed on the Greens March 18, 2020 by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, This is not an article on openings and closings within the London and Southwestern Ontario golf industry. And it’s not an article pointing fingers at anyone. This is an unprecedented time in our lifetimes. The […]

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Reed On The Greens: COVID-19

                Reed On The Greens March 14, 2020 Sports More Than Toy Box During Trying Times by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, Four years ago, as I began to research for my 2018-published book on the history of the Canadian Seniors’ Golf Association (est. 1918), I discovered that a […]

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