Golf Instruction with Jeffrey Reed

Jeffrey Reed is offering private golf lessons on a limited basis in 2019. Contact us for rates.

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“I had a lot of fun learning from Jeff, talking with Jeff and watching a real pro play. Thanks to Jeff, I have learned how to hit a golf ball straight, how to set myself perfectly for a swing and how even though you are suffering from some physical disadvantage, golf can still be your game.” – Richard Kennedy, Brain Tumour Survivor, London

“With his expert knowledge and an absolute love for the game, I would recommend Jeff to any level golfer looking to improve. He has a unique ability to teach ideas so that they are clear and logical, allowing you to take and repeat what you’ve learned outside the lesson. His passion for the game is contagious while his genuine nature and sense of humour make lessons so enjoyable. I’ve just recently found my love and talent for golf and owe a huge thanks to Jeff for helping uncover and encourage these things in me. I am working towards possibly competing in the future.” – Alisha Beach, London

“During my golf lesson with Jeff, I was immediately impressed with how knowledgable he is about equipment, technique and the game of golf. Within minutes, Jeff spotted small adjustments that I needed to make which greatly improved my overall performance. He took me through gradual steps which made me feel comfortable and excited about my improvement. Most of all, I appreciated his patience and professionalism as an instructor.” – Kristy Smith, Dorchester